Interdisciplinary Center for Advanced Science and Technology (ICAST) at the University of Split

ICAST is an interdisciplinary initiative in nanoscience, including nanobiology, structured optical and catalytical materials for biosensing, fuel and solar cells. Research projects at ICAST are based on multidisciplinary approach to the scientific topics that unifies advanced computer simulations, which are the expertise of the ICAST scientific team, with the experiments at the scientific frontiers that are realized through the cooperation with a number of Universities in Europe and in the US. Director of ICAST, Prof. dr. dr. h. c. Vlasta Bonačić-Koutecký is an internationally recognized scientist in the fields of theoretical chemistry, nanocluster physics, photochemistry and femtochemistry.

Metal nanoclusters are building blocks in nanostructured materials. The size scale of such nanosystems corresponds to the size of functional proteins. Therefore, the formation of hybrids between nanostructured materials and proteins opens new fascinating possibilities for the creation of functional materials with novel and superior optical, bioimaging and catalytic properties. Nanoclusters are recognized as catalytic centers and are thus highly important for industrial catalysis. One of the research fields at ICAST is an improvement of catalysis using the selective characteristics of nanoclusters for higher efficiency of fuel cells and their use in transport. Finally, the development of new materials for solar cells is based on preparation and characterization of new metalo-organic compounds capable of transformation of photons into energy.

The Center of Excellence for Science and Technology - Integration of the Mediterranean Region (STIM) has been established at ICAST in 2014. "STIM-REI" project was approved in 2017 within the Call for Proposals „Top Research of Scientific Centers of Excellence K.K.“ from the Operational Program Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020. The link between research (R), innovation (I) and education (E) has been realized through three project elements: I. ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY AT NANOSCALE, II. WATER AND THE ENVIRONMENT AND III. EDUCATION based on the international excellence of scientists and choice of research topics that are of critical importance for the needs of society.




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