Social Programme

Friday Evening, 10 June 2016

  • A Visit to the Meštrović Gallery and Kaštelet
  • Conference Gala Dinner

The Meštrović Gallery

The Meštrović Gallery is an art museum at the foot of Mount Marjan Split, a villa with the studio of the most famous and Croatia’s premier modern sculptor Ivan Meštrović (Croatia 1883 – USA 1962). Ivan Meštrović is synonymous with Split. His works are exhibited in renowned European and American museums and galleries. His art has been compared to that of Michelangelo and Rodin who was his idol. The gallery was originally conceived as his residence and has successfully uniting living, working and exhibition space. The building was built between 1931 and 1939, designed by Meštrović himself, and houses many sculptures, drawings, paintings, architectural plans and furniture sets. The permanent collection includes some of the artist's masterpieces in marble, bronze, wood and plaster. Unforgettable are the memories of the Mediterranean garden that surrounds the gallery and a unique view onto the sea and the central Dalmatian islands.



The Meštrović Kaštelet

The Meštrović Kaštelet is an art complex, not far from the Gallery, situated in an attractive location by the sea. It is the restored 16th century villa extended according to Meštrović's idea as a place of peace and contemplation. The chapel houses a set of wooden wall panels carved by Ivan Meštrović.


     The visit is followed by the Conference Gala Dinner at the Gallery that offers an authentic atmosphere.

Saturday Evening, 11 June 2016

Concert and Cocktail            Croatian National Theatre, Split (Foyer)