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The European Space Agency (ESA), in cooperation with the Kőszeg Institute for Advanced Studies (iASK), organized the Advanced Training Course on Land Remote Sensing with the focus on Agriculture and Water.

Its main goal is to train next-generation scientists and experts in Earth observation (EO), whose fields of work and interest are agriculture and water, and specific goals:

• To explain the theoretical principles, processing algorithms, and data products from multiple sources, including multispectral, hyperspectral and SAR EO data for agriculture and water.

• To demonstrate the introduction of tools and methods for exploiting EO satellite data, especially Sentinel and new hyperspectral missions.

• To encourage EO exploitation in domains of agriculture, water cycle, irrigation, etc.

• To demonstrate EO data large-scale processing.

The five-day course will take place November 21-25, 2022, at the Kőszeg Institute for Advanced Studies (iASK), Hungary.

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