Sveučilište u Splitu podržava UN-ove ciljeve održivog razvoja
Almost 200 activities for all ages at the Split Science Festival, May 2 to 7!

University of Split is organizing the Science Festival this year as well, scheduled to take place May 2 to 7. During those six days, more than 160 different activities will take place at various locations in the city of Split, at the Campus, at the Peristyle and Meje, but also in Sinj, Trilj, Muć, Ogorje, Imotski, Kaštela, Mosor, Omiš and even in Zadar.

The Science Festival promotes scientific principles and ways of thinking. The Science Festival's special target group are always children, because promoting science aims to intrigue and encourage them to study their environment and the world, as well as to inspire some of them to want to pursue science.

As always, all Science Festival's activities are free for all visitors.

This year Festival's theme is "Life", and in addition to University components, museums, institutes, primary and secondary schools as well as numerous associations will also offer a truly diverse program. The Festival will also answer many questions about life, from various aspects of science and art, promote healthy living habits, offer talks about risks of consuming energy drinks, quality of housing, fauna and flora, the sea, living in the building dubbed the Wall of China, radiation from 5G mobile systems, lives of famous authors and their literary characters, family law in everyday life and workers' right  to do decent work. You will come to know what is the "Tree of Life" and how "Archimedes and Tesla are playing roulette in Las Vegas", about the life of artists, stories skeletons can tell us, risks and benefits of consuming salt…

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