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Announcing Smart Youth project educations in January


  • Cilj 8
  • Cilj 9
  • Cilj 12

As part of the Smart Youth project, three trainings took place in January, in smart production and smart environment, in which experts from the private sector, public sector and non-profit organizations presented how they contribute to applying IoT technologies and creating smart cities, in their projects and activities:

1) Smart forklifts in production and logistics (Damjan Miklić, ceo of Romb Technologies)

2) Smart City solutions for waste management in public areas (Hrvoje Filipović from BigBelly)

3) Atoms & Bits (representatives of this company, which is part of Libelium group).

Goal of the project is to make young people active and "smart" citizens, and to involve as many young people as possible in creating solutions in the domain of smart technologies and digitization, in order to contribute to developing local infrastructure and increasing economic activity.

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