Sveučilište u Splitu podržava UN-ove ciljeve održivog razvoja
Celebration of University Library’s 120th anniversary began with the meeting


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The conference "Improving visibility" took place March 29 in Senate's Hall, organized by Split's Society of Librarians, in cooperation with University Library, marking its 120th birthday this year!

- 120 years is a long history in the life of one library. It changed its functions over time, was the first City Library, then specialized in science and became the Scientific Library, with the foundation of University it became University of Split's central library. A virtual exhibition is being prepared, in order to get closer to young users, and will be available on our website - said Ana Utrobičić, head of University Library, expressing hope that these events will draw attention to this institution's work, realizing one of goals of this professional meeting, improving visibility and presenting Library's work - librarians and their profession, to the general public.

Sanja Brbora, president of Split Librarians' Association, asserted - majority of participants, regardless of type of library they come from, recognized lack of visibility as problem of all libraries; saying 'we all work in libraries, organize different activities, come up with new services, but often get the impression that we are not visible enough and that we have not shown society as much as we would like to'.

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