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DUMP association from FESB delights everyone with new project: people from Split designed an application that promotes digital security among the youngest


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DUMP Association of young programmers, based at FESB, stands out for their volunteer work and projects aimed at educating young people and forming an IT community. The project that stands out for its contribution to the wider community is SafetyNet, or Battle for Safety, an application aimed at promoting digital security among the youngest. SafetyNet resulted from the cooperation between DUMP Association of Young Programmers, Split-Dalmatia Police Department and Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Shipbuilding. The idea is some ten years old from when the Police Department contacted DUMPs about promoting Internet security. The project aims to educate children from Split-Dalmatia County about risks present in the Internet and promote safe online behavior.

Award for the project

This praiseworthy project did not go unnoticed even at the national level. The jury for awarding Croatia’s Grand Safety Award for 2023 recognized DUMP’s contribution and awarded them, as well as those who contributed to realizing SafetyNet. The project has become an example of successful cooperation between civil society, education institutions and police authorities. SafetyNet is not just educational application, but an interactive tool that contributes to wider understanding of digital security. The project includes a quiz that awards best players at Internet Security Days, creating an innovative combination of learning and competition.
Bartol Deak, DUMP’s vice-president, pointed out the project’s importance, as Police Administration and FESB have been carrying it out for many years: "We hope that this successful project will serve as an example to others and encourage further efforts in promoting internet safety."
More about Association’s work on their website: and on Instagram: @dumpovci.
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