Regarding accommodation in Split, incoming students have two basic options.

They may stay in a dormitory or seek for a private accommodation.
The University of Split offers accommodation for Erasmus students  in the Student dorm „Hostel Spinut“ and Student dorm “dr. Franjo Tuđman (Campus)”, but the number of rooms at the Student dormitories is limited, therefore, places are distributed on a first come, first served basis.

IMPORTANT: University of Split can only guaranty accommodation in the dorms for the duration of the official mobility period stated in acceptance letters, so please plan your arrival/departure in accordance with it.






Student Centre Split



1.1. Accommodation booking is made to UNIST through Accommodation Form (AF) until June 01 (for winter semester/ whole academic year) and November 01 (for summer semester).

1.2. By submitting this application form, all applicants agree that the University of Split publishes their personal data on their web page within the selection procedures

1.3. There is a limited number of bedrooms available at dorms, therefore UNIST cannot guarantee accommodation on arrangement to all ERASMUS+ students. Once the AF data have been checked, places will be distributed on a “first come, first served basis”. If any false statement has been made, accommodation request will not be accepted.

1.4. List of selected students and those on a waiting list will be published by July 01/December 01 at UNIST web page:

 List is subject to update.


2.1. Students selected for places in dorms are provided with email instructions to remit a reservation deposit amounting to 2 months’ rent fee. Bank transfer notification is to be made until July 15 (for students coming in winter semester or whole year) or December 15 (for students coming in summer semester). If payment notification along with SoA is missed until deadline, UNIST will consider it as cancellation of accommodation application and will contact student on a waiting list.

2.2.    Reservation deposit is to be returned by SCST to student by bank transfer at the end of student’s stay upon presentation of the cancellation of registration made at the Reception desk and confirmation that student room has been found to be in order. Bank fee may apply. Return of bank deposit will be made 15 days at latest from the check out.

2.3.    Compensation for any damages caused by student will be deducted from the reservation deposit. In case of damages, the deposit can only be remitted to student after the exact costs for the damages claims have been determined. These claims can cause delay in bank transfer.

2.4.   A whole reservation deposit will be kept as a cancellation fee in case:

a) student’s booking cancellation is not case of Force Majeure[1]  

b) student has been expelled from the dorm, and

c) student arrived later from scheduled date of arrival without prior written notification.

2.5. Half of the reservation deposit will be kept as cancellation fee in cases outlined under 2.4 if SCST will be able to replace student’s place in 30 days from the student’s scheduled date of arrival/earlier departure as well as if the rent fee is not paid until the end of the current month (30th or 31st).


3.1. The booking will be processed in the order of arrival of AF + reservation deposit + SoA+ medical certificate confirming students’ general health state.

3.2.   Once received reservation deposit, SoA and medical certificate confirming students’ general health state UNIST sends a booking confirmation to selected students. Student place in dorm is guaranteed once the booking confirmation is received. Medical certificate is to be issued by student’s family physician in the country of origin in English language or in original language with certified translation in English/ Croatian language. Without all of the documents student will not be able to move in.

3.3.  Student may cancel accommodation booking just in case of Force Majeure. Cancellation should be in written form (by email to along with valid confirmation attached, after which reservation deposit will be reimbursed and the bank charges will be deducted.

             4. RENT FEE

4.1.    Monthly rent fee at Hostel Spinut for double room is 1431,55 HRK (190 EUR). Monthly rent fee at the Campus dorm for single room is 2260,35 HRK (300 EUR) and for double room is 1506,90 HRK (200 EUR).

4.2.   Fee is to be paid in advance each month until 5th of the current month to SCST at the dorm Reception desk. If the rent fee payment is missed until the end of the current month (30th or 31st), student will be expelled from the dorm and cancelation fee will apply. Before being expelled, student will get reminders for payment on 15th and 25th of the current month.

4.3.   For accommodation up to 15 days (up to 15th and from 15th of the month), a half month rent is applied (e.g. from July 1 till July 15).

4.4.  Accommodation can be booked until July 15. Starting from July 15 a commercial fee is applied (150 HRK/per day (19,90 EUR), per person in 1/2 room).

4.5.   For students arriving up to 2 days before the official beginning of semester and out of October or March (i.e. September or February), an extra fee of 80 HRK/day (10,62 EUR) is applicable. If arrival is more than 2 days before the official beginning of semester, a commercial fee amounting to 150 HRK (19,90 EUR) is applicable.

4.6.   Total amount of the rent fee stated in the booking confirmation is fixed for the duration of semester. If a student arrives later, or leaves the dorm before the end of the semester, they still need to pay the full semester rent (apart from justified Force Majeure cases).



5.1. Students should plan to arrive in the first week of October (for winter semester or whole a.y.)  or the first week of March (for summer semester). For students arriving before beginning of the semester and out of October or March, extra or commercial fee will apply (article 4.5).

5.2.    Students arriving later than stated in SoA  should inform UNIST by e-mail at latest the day before predicted date.

5.3. Contact person for earlier/later arrivals and earlier/later departures is Denis Zecic at:  (for Hostel Spinut) and Senka Becko at: (for dr. Franjo Tuđman) 

5.1. Check in and out (i.e. receiving/returning keys at the Dorm reception desk) is possible only during working days (Monday-Friday).  Check in is possible 24 hours/day, while check out is to be made until 10:00 am.

5.2. While checking in, student checks the room condition, makes remarks if any and signs the Statement of responsibility for the dorm room and inventory (DR. FRANJO TUĐMAN -  SPINUT)

5.3.    While checking in, student has to provide Reception desk with 2 photos for issuance of the dorm ID card. 

 5.4.   Checking out takes from half to one hour. In case checking out is to be made during weekend or holiday, check out has to be reported 3 days before (Article 5.3)

5.5.    Student cannot move from one room/dorm to another unless allowed by SCST. The SCST reserves the right to allocate student from one room to another.


6.1 Premature termination of accommodation is possible just for student who has booked whole a.y. where the termination is possible at the end of first semester (February 28) with prior request for withdrawal in writing by email to be made by December 31 at latest.

6.1 An extension of accommodation is possible if free place is available. An early application for extension in writing by email to UNIST is compulsory (1 November).



7.1. Hostel Spinut is situated close to the city center, west part of the city, in the heart of the Marjan Hill, surrounded by parks and forest. Address is Spinutska 39. Picture gallery

7.2.    Dr. Franjo Tuđman dorm is situated at the University campus, east part of the city, close to the Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism; Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy; Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture; Academy of Arts, School of Medicine, University Department for Forensic Sciences; University Department of Health Studies and Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Address is Cvite Fiskovića 3. Picture gallery

7.3.    Rooms at both dorms are double with separate beds and toilette included. Bedlinen, laundry room and Wi-Fi (in lobby) are provided. Mini fridge is provided in dr. Franjo Tuđman dorm rooms. Reception desk is open 24 hours. Bedlinen is changed twice a month (1st and 15th of the month or next working day if it’s a weekend or holiday).

7.4.   Student may share a room with a friend (in such a case the field preferences in the AF should be filled in properly). Room can be shared with student of the same gender. In case of spouse or brother/sister, a valid confirmation should be attached to the preference stated in AF.

7.5. Louder music etc. is allowed by 11 PM, after which students are obliged to be silent.

7.6 Students must keep their rooms clean and in order. If that is not the case, students will have two warnings before the expulsion.

7.7   Parties must be announced to the Reception desk.

7.8   Students should address the Reception desk for any question they have.

7.9   Breaking the dorm rules leads to sanctions. Major breaking of rules leads to losing the place in the dorm.

7.10   Pets are not allowed in dorm.

7.11   Visits with overnights are to be reported to the Reception desk at least 3 days before the guest’s arrival. Guests commercial fee (150 HRK/night) is applicable. 

[1] Force majeure is any unforeseeable exceptional situation or event beyond the students control which prevents him/her from accommodation in dorm, was not attributable to error or negligence on his/her part, and proves insurmountable in spite of all due diligence (illness or death of family members). Strikes or financial difficulties cannot be invoked as force majeure by student.