Article dedicated to "Sea Cucumber", innovative beer made with sea yeast, was published in Nature

On May 19, the prestigious scientific journal Nature published an article on the "Sea Cucumber", a beer produced by Petar Puškarić, a student graduated from the University Department of Marine Studies, study of Ecology and Marine Protection, under the mentorship of assoc. prof. Marin Ordulj Ph.D. In an interview for Nature, Puškarić, now a graduate engineer, spoke about challenges that he faced while he was creating this unique beer made of yeast isolated from the sea.

The work of Petar Puškarić also opens the way for new research on marine yeasts in the Adriatic, because the potential for fermentation with classic yeasts has been mostly exhausted, so we are looking for new opportunities. The sea is proving to be a new and insufficiently explored potential in this respect.

The article was published in the section "CAREER Q&A", which popularizes science, or research, and Petar Puškarić’ entire interview for Nature is available at:

Photo: Marin Ordulj/University Department of Marine Studies