Be a part of the Student Entrepreneurship Incubator (SPI) - a place for all enterprising and proactive students at the University of Split!

The Student Entrepreneurship Incubator opens applications for the new generation in the academic year 2020/2021.
Students with an entrepreneurial idea or project, young entrepreneurs and startups up to 2 years of age can apply, individually or as a team.

Applications are open until November 22, via the link:

The incubator provides students a technically equipped co-working space to develop their innovations. It provides its members an insight into the process of realizing an entrepreneurial idea in a business academy, ie through various thematic educations and workshops on a weekly basis. Students are mentored through the entire process of developing business models and projects. Professors from the Faculty of Economics and entrepreneurs from different sectors of the economy serve as mentors. The students also have the opportunity to attend various events, have support and preparation for national and international student competitions as well as participation in conferences. During the program, informal gatherings are often organized, as part of which today’s successful entrepreneurs present their first business steps, which is also an excellent opportunity for meeting other people and networking.

In addition to the above, the Incubator organizes of numerous events and conferences, among which STup! (international university startup competition), Get in the Ring (competition of the most innovative entrepreneurs with a prize fund of HRK 250,000 and a trip to the world finals), GEW (World Entrepreneurship Week marked every year on the third week of November, Smart City Challenge (hackathon in the field of smart technologies organized in cooperation with the City of Split), and Hack4Split (social hackathon aimed at finding solutions for the progress of our local community) stand out.

Do you have an idea or want to be a part of the entrepreneurial world? Sign in!
Contact for questions: spi@efst.h