Croatian Medical Association - the Zadar branch - formally presented awards to the Rector prof. Dragan Ljutić Ph.D.

Prof. Dragan Ljutić Ph.D., University of Split Rector, recognized for his contribution in creating strong links and strengthening cooperation between Split's and Zadar's healthcare and medicine, by Croatian Medical Association – the Zadar branch, on December 22 at the University of Split's Rector's Office.

On that occasion, Dario Nakić MD Ph.D., presented Rector Ljutić with a replica of the School of Medicine in Zadar’s Medal, originally forged in bronze 1809, and Petar Lozo MD Ph.D., Croatian Medical Association – Zadar branch’s president, with a copy of a certified transcript of Julio Pinio’s diploma, the first doctor in Croatia, graduated in Zadar’s School of Medicine on September 1, 1811.

Croatian Medical Association recognized Rector Ljutić’s personal contribution in University of Split’s development, also affecting entire Dalmatia. In this context, special emphasis is placed on the need to focus attention on a more systematic approach to Dalmatia’s rich medical heritage, particularly that of Zadar. It is still not sufficiently researched or revalued, especially numerous and successful links between Zadar and Split.

Rector Ljutić, thanking for the awards, emphasized the importance of awards coming from colleagues who live in one’s environment.

- The School of Medicine in Zadar was founded in 1806, but it all started the same year at the Lyceum (high school) of St. Lazarus in Trogir, educating doctors, then transferred to the then centre of Dalmatia, Zadar - said Rector Ljutić, stressing how important is knowing our history.

Dario Nakić, Head of the Internal Medicine Department in the Zadar General Hospital, its former director and former Minister of Health, expressed his satisfaction with the cooperation that started some 15 years ago, when Split’s School of Medicine and University of Split helped to establish study of Nursing in Zadar.

- There is no common development without mutual respect and that is why we are grateful that these people, starting from Rector Ljutić, his successor prof. Đogaš and the current dean of Split School of Medicine, prof. Tonkić, enabled the development of medical sciences in Zadar. The point is that we are not competing, but supporting each other, and I thank you for it - concluded head Nakić.

Petar Lozo, Croatian Medical Association - the Zadar branch’s president, emphasized that there are strong links between Split’s and Zadar’s healthcare and medicine.

- We have decided to present these gifts in Christmas time, time of giving, in which wishes come true, gifts that will show that in order to succeed, we need to form a unity - said assoc. prof. Lozo.