Eucharistic celebration took place on the Campus commemorating the sacrifice of Vukovar and Škabrnja

On the day commemorating the victims of Vukovar and Škabrnja, Tuesday, November 17, in the lobby of the main entrance of the Three faculties building on the Campus, a Holy Mass was held, in compliance with all epidemiological measures. Father Mihael Prović Ph.D, Commissioner for Youth of the Split-Makarska Archdiocese, led the Eucharistic celebration. The Holy Mass was attended by the University of Split’s Rector, Prof. Dragan Ljutić Ph.D, Vice-rector Prof. Goran Kardum Ph.D, Head of the Rector's Office Ivana Pletković, Secretary General Filip Klarić-Kukuz, Director of the Students’ Centre Ivan Žižić and the Dean of the Faculty of Maritime Studies prof. Pero Vidan Ph.D.

-Sometimes, it is difficult to find out how we will survive our earthly lives. We never know if we will always be at peace and joy. Peace brings harmony and balance. Today we often wonder if it is even possible to live at peace when we see everything that is happening around us. Wars in the world seem to have never ended - said Father Prović in his sermon. He pointed out that God gave us this world and said that we should be open to every man who wants to live his life with us in peace because then there will be no wars, blood and suffering.

-Discovering this coexistence is the most valuable thing we can achieve in our lives - concluded Prović.

University of Split’s Rector Prof. Dragan Ljutić Ph.D. said that the suffering of Vukovar and Škabrnja must never be forgotten. He stressed that the memory of the sacrifice of these cities should lead us to improve our state.

- We must not be afraid of anything, because when we stand together we can solve any problem - Rector Ljutić underlined.

After the Eucharistic celebration, organized by the University of Split, Student Center Split and the Office for Youth Pastoral Care of the Split-Makarska Archdiocese, candles were lit in the Street Vukovarska.