Exhibition "Women's Issue and (or) Manuscript?" at the University Gallery

In cooperation with the Brešan Gallery, the exhibition "Women's Issue and (or) Manuscript?" will be set up at the Vasko Lipovac University Gallery, R. Boškovića 31, from December 17 to January 17. The usual exhibition opening ceremony in front of an audience is, unfortunately, not possible due to epidemiological measures and the exhibition can be seen free of charge during the University Gallery working hours.

This year's title "Women's Issue and (or) Manuscript?" deals exclusively with women, their artistic preoccupations and creativity. Art forms expressed through paintings and sculptures by twenty-eight (28) Croatian artists make us think about how equal and present are women in cultural life, especially female artists.  Certainly not enough, so the intention of the exhibition curator, gallery owner and journalist Igor Brešan, is to stress their importance and contribution with this exhibition. Catalog as well as a video-piece come with it.

Authors participating in the exibition: Milka Krstulović (Split 1951. - Split 2004.) / Mirjana Matić (Višnjan)/Koraljka Beker (Zagreb)/Daniela Pal Bučan (Zagreb)/Koraljka Kovač (Zagreb)/Lada Luketić (Zagreb)/Mira Ličen Krmpotić (Piran)/Vesna Sokolić (Zagreb)/Ana Marija Smoljanec (Križevci)/Darija Dolanski Majdak (Zagreb)/Alma Dujmović (Punat)/Jasenka Bulj (Zagreb)/Mirjana Zirdum (Malinska)/Ana Marija Botteri (Split)/ Sanja Simeunović Bajec (Pula)/Helena Mardešić Sikora (Split)/Iva Gašparić (Pula)/Ivana Miloglav Ivanković (Dubrovnik)/Nikolina Šimunović (Zagreb)/Ana Barbić Katičić (Zagreb)/Mirna Sišul (Rijeka)Irena Podvorac (Samobor)/Diana Šimek (Zagreb)/Nataša Bezić (Buje)/Ljubica Dragojević Buble (Trogir)/Ivana Biočić Mandić (Zagreb)/Sandra Nejašmić Pirnat (Postira)/Jasna Bogdanović (Zagreb).

Davorka Vukov-Colić, a journalist in Zagreb, wrote the foreword to the catalogue, analysing not only the position of women in contemporary art, but also their historical position through the artistry of existence itself and rebellion, both in Croatian art and of the entire world. Including private and professional opportunities Croatian artists had and speaking up at some distance, opens up a wider context in which a female artist exists and creates - leading existential battles and acting (by) revealing her talents as well as accumulated marginalization of global proportions.

"(..) In today’s world women have to defend rights to their own bodies, fight for equal pay for equal work and managing positions in the workplace, which they already acquired, resist domestic and sexual violence, layers of patriarchal ideology, neo-primitivisms and new exclusions we naively believed would not be repeated... Rare appearances of some artists already addressed similar problems and topics, so this exhibition is an opportunity for selected authors who genuinely deal with the "women's issue", not schisms (…), to address them in their works.“ December at the University Gallery Vasko Lipovac is traditionally marked by the cooperation of the University of Split with the Brešan Gallery. These are usually the thematic, problem- and exhibitions by invited authors that complement the program scheme of the University Gallery.