FESB celebrated it’s Day

The ceremony marking the 61st anniversary of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture’s establishment was held on Friday, June 18 in the Faculty’s large amphitheater. Together with hosts, Dean prof. Srdjana Podrug Ph.D. Vice Deans assist. prof. Petar Šolić Ph.D., assoc. prof. Branimir Lela Ph.D. and assist. prof. Tea Marasović Ph.D., the ceremony was also attended by prof. Dragan Ljutić Ph.D., University of Split Rector, Vice-Rectors prof. Leandra Vranješ Markić Ph.D., prof. Đurđica Miletić Ph.D. and prof. Tomislav Klić Ph.D., Mayor of Split prof. Ivica Puljak Ph.D. and Damir Brčić, Head of the Administrative Department for Informatics and Joint Affairs in the Split-Dalmatia County.

Rector Ljutić, congratulating FESB on this significant anniversary, pointed out the University’s scientific excellence in which this university component plays a major role. He emphasized how important is investing in science, that is people, because it is people who set us apart from others.

In his report, Dean Podrug mentioned the challenges the Faculty faced in the past ‘pandemic’ year, saying that special attention was paid to freshmen in order to make the start of their student life as easy as possible so they can successfully perform their obligations.

- This year, there are 2311 students studying at FESB. 570 students completed their study programs, of which 100 in professional studies, 220 undergraduate and 243 in university graduate studies, and seven of FESB’s employees earned their PhDs in the last period - said Dean Podrug, mentioning numerous awards and recognitions FESB’s scientists, as well as projects, organized conferences and student successes got.

At the ceremony, Dean's awards were presented to the most successful students for academic years 2019/2020. and 2020/2021 (due to epidemiological reasons, last year’s celebration was not held). For the academic year 20219/2020 awards were given to Robert Blaškić, Mirko Braić, Ivan Čorić, Dario Dundić, Klementina Vidjak, Matea Boban, Tomas Pinjušić and Domagoj Samardžić. In the generation 2020/2021. Recipients are: Petar Kaselj, Julija Kvesić, Ivana Kožul, Marko Kunac, Marin Vilić, Sofija Solje, Lucija Veić, Mislav Rajevski, Marin Perić, Jelena Čulina, Matej Livajić.

The Hrvoje Dujmić Award was also presented in memory of the prematurely deceased FESB professor Hrvoje Dujmić, a longtime member of the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service, alpinist, speleologist, leader and participant in numerous expeditions and rescue operations. This award recognizes students and staff of the Faculty who have inspired others with their works of general social benefit, shown exceptional humanity or done something that makes them an example to others.

This year, this valuable award was given to students Slaven Damjanović, Mateo Marušić, Matej Mlakić and Dražen Barić, who together with colleagues from other components of the University of Split participated in the action "Students help". Namely, during the COVID-19 pandemic, they conceived and implemented an initiative to create and produce protective visors for hospitals, and along with colleagues from other universities, the action was supported by numerous companies and institutions.

The faculty also thanked its longtime employees who have retired in the past two years.