Formal celebration of the University of Split’s 47th anniversary

Along with state senior officials, representatives of the church, county, city, judicial and executive authorities, cultural and scientific institutions, Rector's Assembly, deans, professors, staff and dear friends, the University of Split marked-celebrated its 47th anniversary, in the School of Medicine’s amphitheater, on June 15.
University of Zagreb Rector, prof. Damir Boras Ph.D., on behalf of prof. Marin Milković Ph.D., President of the Rectors' Assembly and Rector of the University of the North, addressed the guests at the celebration of the University of Split’s Day. On this occasion, he read Rector Milković’s speech and pointed out, in Rector's, but also in his name, that now, more than ever, we need optimism. “It can always be done”, or in the words of prof. Dragan Ljutić, a permanent promoter of optimism, who is always emphasizing a promising future: "it can still be done". In times like these, our entire community needs to look a few steps ahead at a time when we will not be burdened nor hold a distance from each other. Laying his faith in the future, he invited the Mayor of Split to continue successful cooperation between City and University, because when the University is not growing and developing, the City won’t either.

The mayor of the city of Split, also the former professor of Split’s FESB, Ivica Puljak Ph.D. emphasized that the University is one of the most important institutions in Split and that he is extremely proud of the fact that the University of Split is the best university in Croatia and one of the best in the entire region. He promised that as Split’s mayor he would continue developing partnerships with the University, students and teachers. Mayor Puljak, with both business and personal ties to the University of Split, said: “Allow me a sentimental note, I have spent my whole life, my entire career at the University of Split and I am very proud of the fact that I helped in its development. I am certain that the citizens of Split have a vision of living in a clean and environmentally friendly city, a city of modern views and modern economy. We will never build a city like that without University of Split. "

Blaženko Boban, Prefect of the Split-Dalmatia County, commented on the importance of the University of Split in science, also in developing of certain parts outside the County’s capital. He expressed sincere gratitude to Rector Dragan Ljutić for the studies located in Makarska and Sinj, hoping that cooperation will continue in other, smaller areas of the county, the islands in particular. "All our big projects and huge activities will be in vain if in 10-15 years no one will live in that area", concluded the prefect.

Mario Banožić Ph.D., Republic of Croatia’s Minister of Defense, stressed how important the University is as a partner of the Ministry that over the years has proven to be one to count on in numerous situations, primarily in educating staff related to and developing Croatian Navy. . "With this goal, we will continue to develop in a much larger format. That is to say, Croatian Government, led by Andrej Plenković, expressed education of the Croatian Army as one of priority projects, with the Law on Establishing Military University of Security and Defense, in which the navy plays an important role in the Croatian Army.

Prof. Radovan Fuchs Ph.D., Minister of Science and Education and Prime Minister Mr. Andrej Plenković’s envoy, also addressed the guests. The Minister expressed how pleased he was to be attending this commendable celebration at the University of Split, one of top universities in Croatia, which profiled itself as a European university of high values, preserving national identity, Mediterranean values, also taking its place in the European educational and research space. . He emphasized, in addition to education and top staff, they really foster and encourage scientific research work here, and according to citation rankings, belong to the very top of Croatian science. He reminded everyone University of Split always had the support from Croatian Government and that it will in the future. "There are great opportunities opening up to us within the national program of reconstruction and recovery, as well as from EU funds intended for science and education.

After the esteemed guests, University of Split Rector addressed the audience. Prof. Dragan Ljutić Ph.D. thanked everyone for recognizing the efforts and work of the University of Split, but also for their willingness to help. "I am satisfied how important our Government considers this University. With joint work and investments, we will raise the bar of working and studying at our University, to that level required by a Western European university."
Later on, Rector of the University of Split informed the guests about the University’s work in more detail.

Plaque winners

 - prof. Boris Škvorc PhD

 - prof. Stipan Janković PhD

 - prof. Zoran Đogaš PhD

 - academic Siba Mardešić 

 - prim. Željka Karin PhD

 - assoc. prof. Anamarija Jurčev Savičević PhD

 - Marijan Bašić, mag. ing. el.

- assoc. prof. Zvonimir Lušić PhD

Charter winners

- mons. dr. Marin Barišić

- Andro Krstulović Opara

Declared Professor Emeritus:                 

- prof. Ivo Babić PhD

- prof. Frane Barbir PhD

- prof. Jure Margeta PhD

- prof. Vlasta Matijević PhD

- prof. Nikica Družijanić PhD