Gender equality at the University of Split

At its session on November 24, 2021, the University of Split Senate adopted the Gender Equality Plan 2021-2027.

The University of Split fully supports activities of the European Commission, which as part of its Gender Equality Strategy 2020-2025, expressed commitment to promote gender equality in research and innovation.

Based on the analysis of relevant data, the University identified four strategic areas: gender equality in institutional processes, gender equality in research, gender equality in learning and teaching, and institution’s culture of gender equality together with harmonization of personal life and business commitments.

Each strategic area has several objectives, with proposed activities and accountability for implementation. The strategic area gender equality in research aims to increase the gender dimension in research. The strategic area gender equality in learning and teaching is intended for the public (community) and deals with raising awareness of gender equality with study programs and education included in lifelong learning. Strategic area Institution’s culture of gender equality with harmonization of personal life and business commitments has as goals educating on consequences of violence against women as well as gender or sex-based violence in general, eliminating gender-based stereotypes, prejudices and practices that promote inequality.

You can find the entire Gender Equality Plan 2021-2027 at