Huge interest of high school graduates for the presentation of University of Split

For everyone who worked hard to organize this event, it was extremely gratifying to see numerous high school graduates from Šibenik, Zadar, Trogir, Dubrovnik, Omiš, Mostar, Livno, etc. visiting, with great interest, the stands of our University components and inquiring about possibilities of studying at the University of Split.

Even University of Split’s Rector, prof. Dragan Ljutić Ph.D., did not hide his satisfaction when he, together with University’s management and the delegation from the University of Mostar, headed by their Rector, prof. Zoran Tomić Ph.D. looked around all the stands, greeted the graduates and invited them to come and study at the most beautiful Campus and the best University.

- We want to show that student life in Split and on our Campus goes on the right way. Studying at the University of Split also means that you are studying at eight other universities in Europe, with maximum student mobility and exchange, in fact a student in Split gets all the necessary conditions for studying and becomes a European student - Rector Ljutić said.

Zoran Tomić, University of Mostar’s Rector, said that their visit was just a continuation of cooperation between these two universities.

- We came to see in which programs and areas we could support each other. In a way, we want the University of Split to be something of a mentoring institution for University of Mostar. Rector Ljutić is a visionary, a man with a great vision and who loves science, and Split is our biggest strategic partner when it comes to visiting professors. We have 250 professors from Croatia as collaborators, and that number says enough about the importance of cooperation - Rector Tomić said.