HUMANITARIAN AID: University of Split for Ukrainian refugees

Since the beginning of the war aggression directed against Ukraine, University of Split has been expressing its support and compassion with the Ukrainian academic community, but also the entire Ukrainian people.

In cooperation with the City of Split’s Society of the Red Cross, the University is launching a humanitarian action to collect food and hygiene supplies for adults and children, entitled: University of Split for Ukrainian refugees.

Collection of humanitarian aid starts on March 21 and lasts until March 25, 2022, and boxes for necessary items will be placed in all University of Split’s faculties, departments and study divisions.

We invite our University staff, students and all who are able to help to respond to this humanitarian action. Although more than thirty years have passed since it was us who needed help, we still remember those times vividly. We should not miss the opportunity to help those-in dire need now.

Collected humanitarian aid is intended for Ukrainian refugees who found temporary homes in the Republic of Croatia.

We thank everyone in advance.