New contemporary atrium of University of Split’s Rectorate and the University Library

The entrance of the Rectorate and the University Library has been converted into an informal open space for study, casual socializing, relaxation and rest of University of Split students who usually spend time between lectures or longer stays on campus in the University Library.

This space of about 150m2 is equipped with modular seating furniture with sets of electrical and USB sockets mounted on its sides, armchairs with movable desktops and high backrests ensuring privacy, high tables and chairs, low tables and other seating furniture.

The space is also equipped with high movable partitions (screens), wall and hanging panels whose function is to absorb sound, so as not to disturb silent work in the reading room.
All furniture is top quality and intended for spaces meant to accommodate a large number of people.
There is also a new reception desk for the needs of the Rectorate, which financed the entire renovation.