Oceanographer in Brest

Although Oceanographer's first trip within SEA-EU Alliance has ended, we bring you several details and photos from our stay in Brest.

We remind you that the joint research cruise as part of SEA-EU Alliance 2022 was launched in order to promote Alliance’s activities and strengthen scientific cooperation between partner institutions.

Three scientists from University of Split went to Breston board the Oceanograph, in role of observers; assist. prof. Vedrana Nerlović, assist. prof. Eli Marušić and prof. Gorana Jelić Mrčelić. They had the opportunity to witness sampling of seawater in water columns, in order to find relevant abiotic factors, then sampling of phyto- and zooplankton, with standard plankton nets, and fixing of samples. Also, samples were collected in benthos, that is macro fauna and sediment, on that occasion a sample was collected to determine if there were micro plastics, which has not been done so far in classic research.

Source: SEA_EU