Presented activities for the "Development Strategy of the City of Split until 2030"

Activities involved in drafting the "Development Strategy of the City of Split until 2030", the basic strategic act defining the direction of Split’s development, were presented on Monday, March 22, at the Croatian House. University of Split drafted this strategic document, with the coordination and monitoring of development agency (Razvojna agencija Split - RaST d.o.o.) as well as the participation of members in the Partnership Council. So far, more than 80 experts in various fields have participated in the process of drafting the Strategy, 24 thematic focus groups have been held and a comprehensive analysis of the situation made on the basis of a significant amount of information collected from several public sources.
Andro Krstulović Opara, Mayor of Split, prof. Dragan Ljutić Ph.D., University of Split Rector, prof. Leandra Vranješ Markić Ph.D., Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation and assoc. prof. Vinko Muštra Ph.D., Strategy development coordinator talked about the Strategy.

Rector Ljutić thanked the City for the trust it placed in the University, entrusting it with developing the Strategy, an important document for our present and future. He recalled the beginnings of this cooperation, when all university components and the City of Split signed an agreement in 2019, emphasizing how much enthusiasm, knowledge and science comes from the University of Split. The Rector emphasized numerous advantages Split has and can be proud of, and it is precisely the University that, organizing symposia, meetings, gatherings and lectures, points them out to numerous distinguished professors and scientists.

 - Safe living does not only mean health care, secured by our hospital and its employees, but also art, culture, science and progress. Our University’s scientists wrote an analysis of the current situation on almost 800 pages that answers the question where the city of Split finds itself now - said Rector Ljutić, stressing that he does not see who would could have written it better than his colleagues, a combination of youth and experience, who live (in) this city.
- Adopting this Strategy on a quality scientific and professional basis, citizens will, answering what kind of city they want, in a survey, provide crucial data that experts gathered around the University will shape and provide clear input on what our city needs. It needs a step forward and courage, vision and determination, system and order. Experts at the University created foundations for something like that - said Mayor Krstulović Opara, stating that the Strategy provides the direction of planning.

This Strategy represents the University’s concrete contribution to developing society and economy, in which our colleagues invested their knowledge and expertise, said Vice Rector Vranješ Markić, presenting the process of writing this important document.
- Based on this data, it is up to us to decide on our strengths, that is our priorities and where we see our city in the future. The involvement of citizens is important, because that is the way they will accept and feel this Strategy as their own – she said.

Assoc. prof. Muštra presented the course of work done so far, thanking all involved in the process for their contribution, from Rector Ljutić, Vice Rector Vranješ Markić, the Institutional Framework unit’s coordinator  Josipa Visković,  the Economy unit’s coordinator Blanka Šimundić, Society unit’s coordinator Ines Blažević and the Urban Environment unit’s coordinators  Alena Harapina and Nives Ostojić Škomrlj, to all scientists who participated in writing this City’s Strategy.
- This strategy as a pilot strategic document for Split’s development already had its first phase, that is we assessed the current situation and now we are embarking on a slightly more sensitive one, that is where do we really want to be - said Muštra, concluding that the goal is involving citizens in the process of shaping the city’s vision, that is, finding out where do they see the biggest problems and also opportunities for the city’s development are.