Prof. Dragan Primorac awarded the title of "Honorary Head" of University Department of Forensic Sciences when the undergraduate study of Forensics was presented

The ceremony of awarding the honorary title of head of University of Split’s Department of Forensics, to prof. Dragan Primorac Ph.D., was held on Thursday, April 1, in the University’s Senate hall "Don Frane Bulić", and the undergraduate study of Forensics was presented, to be attended by first students in the next academic year.
The event was organized in accordance with the Republic of Croatia’s Civil Protection Headquarters’ epidemiological measures. Together with prof. Primorac, University of Split Rector, prof. Dragan Ljutić Ph.D. and Assoc. Prof. Damir Piplica Ph.D., Head of University Department of Forensic Sciences, it was also attended by Ante Sanader, Vice President of the Croatian Parliament, Blaženko Boban, Split-Dalmatia County Prefect, Andro Krstulović Opara, Mayor of Split, Rear Admiral Ivo Raffanelli, Croatian Navy Commander, Slobodan Marendić, Chief of Split-Dalmatia Police Department, prof. Ante Tonkić Ph.D., School of Medicine’ dean and prof. Stipan Janković Ph.D., Head of University Department of Health Studies.
Beginning the ceremony, prof. Dragan Ljutić greeted the attendees, expressing his satisfaction that starting next academic year Forensics will be enrolling first undergraduate students. He also said that this recognition to prof. Primorac is a message not to forget those who contributed to the growth and development of our University.
Assoc. Prof. Damir Piplica Ph.D. also said that he was honored and pleased to be able to present this recognition to the esteemed prof. Dragan Primorac, one of the University Department of Forensic Sciences’ founders. Because of him, forensics is recognized not only in Croatia, but more widely.
- Starting with next academic year, our high school graduates will be able to enroll undergraduate study lasting three years, which is the basis for our graduate program lasting two (more) years. The enrollment quota for undergraduates is 90 (70+20) and I think that is a realistic number at the moment. According to the module they enroll, students will be able to get a job in police administrations, the Ministry of Finance or work independently as forensic scientists, or in a hospital - said Damir Piplica.
Prof. Dragan Primorac is one of the world's most renown forensic scientists, founder of forensic genetics in Croatia, long-time chairman of the International Relations Committee at the American Academy of Forensic Sciences and president of the International Society for Applied Biological Sciences, where five Nobel Prize winners work.
- It makes me extremely happy to be a part of this ceremony of starting the undergraduate study of forensics, because we were not, on account of our Homeland War, able to position Croatia as a world leader alongside American colleagues. Forensics is my love, has been my life for the last 30 years and no matter whether I am in America, Germany or Israel, Split and Croatia are always in my heart, so this recognition has a special meaning for me. I sincerely give the Rector, prof. Dragan Ljutić and Assoc. Prof. Piplica my thanks, because this University testifies excellence. I will personally do everything I can to make this new study program a source of great pride for the city of Split and whole Croatia.
If you look closely, Southeast Europe does not have a study of these dimensions, which gives the University of Split a level of recognition that no one else has. Croatia has opted for organized truth, for fighting crime, terrorism, bioterrorism and all pests that destroy any society. Those who want to learn more about it should come to study forensic science in Split. There is no developing economy or tourism in countries that are not safe. This step University of Split made today in presenting the undergraduate study of forensics is a strategic step forward Croatia. It is, as I see it, the most important message today - if you want to be involved in researching the crime scene, forensic DNA toxicology, national security, financial or forensic accounting - come to study at University of Split - prof. Dragan Primorac concluded.