Promotion of the book "Food & Focus" by Sara Kostović, a KTF student

The Association of Former Students and Friends of the Faculty of Chemistry and Technology organized the promotion of „Food & Focus“, by Sara Kostović.

Sara Kostović is a student at KTF, majoring in food technology. In addition to the study, she is engaged in activities relating to the right or proper nutrition of young people, especially athletes. For a long time now, she has been educating herself in the areas of nutrition and its influence on performance of various sports activities. In addition to the above, Sara is also a "food blogger", sports columnist and active participant in various projects involved in promoting proper nutrition among the young, students and recreational athletes. Sara talked about being a student while building a professional career, writing her book and realizing herself in the desired field. She also talked about the sports experiences throughout the project, as well as personal experiences with nutrition.