Rector Ljutić participated in a panel discussion on youth and the future of work

-Split is a city of youth, and University of Split is dedicated to students, reflected in the quality of education, also the high level of student standard - Rector Ljutić said at a panel discussion on youth and the future of work, which took place on Friday, November 12, at Split’s cinema library ‘Zlatna vrata’, organized by the European Parliament’s Office in Croatia.

He pointed out the importance of educating young people in STEM, as well as in culture and arts, that is social sciences. Rector Ljutić reminded everyone that University of Split is part of the SEA-EU Alliance of maritime universities, which enables student networking and establishing connections. He also mentioned that the University of Split is carrying out the process of digitizing diplomas at the EU level.

Deputy Prefect, Ante Šošić, and Split Mayor, Ivica Puljak, also made welcoming remarks. EU Commission’s Vice President, Dubravka Šuica, and Member of Parliament, Sunčana Glavak, also addressed the audience with video messages. MP Sunčana Glavak, Croatian representative of the European Panel of Citizens, Martina Zvonar, and Roko Bogdan, a student in the ‘Marko Marulić’ Gymnasium Split, European Parliament Ambassadors’ School, then discussed the process of the Conference on the Future of Europe. Members of the European Parliament, Tomislav Sokol and Ladislav Ilčić, entrepreneur Helena Budiša, entrepreneur and president of the Digital Nomad Association Croatia, Jan de Jong, and University of Split student, Sara Lucija Dragičević, also took part in the discussion. After the panel, there was a workshop with the European Parliament Ambassadors’ School students, representatives of Europe Direct Split Centre and networks of youth’s young people.

The panel on youth and the future of work is held in partnership of European Parliament in Croatia’s Office, University of Split, the Croatian Parliament, Croatian Community of Counties, City of Split, the European Commission Representatives in Croatia and Split’s Europe Direct Centre.