Retrospective exhibition of the academic artist Fulvio Jurićić at the University Gallery

Fulvio Juričić’ retrospective exhibition was set up in August on University Gallery’s both floors and presents a representative overview of this Pula artist’s oeuvre. Igor Brešan prepared the exhibition.

Juričić nurtures a unique artistic style of abstract painting, composition and drawing in a combined technique of charcoal and acrylic, while communicating with signs, matter, associations and artifacts themselves. In his work, he explores and experiments, while cultivating a muted tonality and achieving a note of melancholy. In his artistic journey, muted colors and unique scriptures became a distinct feature of his work, evidenced by recent artworks exhibited in the Gallery. The stylistic exposition presents three serious units-wholes in which the author debates with the public and the hole of society. In the first, he is convinced that he can get his own way with his originality. In the second, he calls everything said in public farce and lies, while in the third, he remains alone with his thoughts and narrates in dialogues his experience with the Corona virus.