Robert Budor's exhibition opens at the University Gallery

The exhibition of drawings by academic painter Robert Budor was opened in his company and a festive atmosphere. The exhibition presented author's donation of drawings from the Olive Tree Cycle, which he donated to Split University Library’s Graphic Collection.

To everyone’s satisfaction, assoc. prof. Vladimir Rismondo Ph.D. from Josip Juraj Strossmayer University in Osijek addressed the audience. Among other things, he focused on Robert Budor's drawing opus.

Budor's works do not even need a signature because they are to that extent marked by his authorship that they can be hardly, if at all, replaced them with anything else. Writing the text for the exhibition catalogue, I tried to organize Budor's drawings seeing-looking at them through different lenses, thus trying to isolate some of their features that remain unchanged in such contexts. To my surprise, I noticed that Budor’s works hardly change depending on changing graphic context. This fact points not only to the mentioned authorship, but also to observation that these are literally drawings, as they cannot be made into anything else.

Ana Utrobičić, director of the University Library, had the honour of opening the exhibition.

I thank Mr. Budor for his substantial donation, because we are dealing with 44 drawings from the Olive Tree cycle and I assure him that his drawings, these artworks, will be adequately stored in the University Library, preserved for future generations and available to all those who want to see them. I also hope that the collaboration between University Gallery and University Library will continue and that other authors exhibiting in this space will recognize the importance of storing artworks in the University Library so that future generations can witness them.

Helena Trze Jakelić, head of University Gallery, moderated the exhibition opening.

Visitors can enjoy this exhibition until April 10, 2022