SEA-EU Alliance marks its day

More than fifty participants took part in the celebration of SEA-EU Day, which took place June 22, 2022, organized by the University of Cadiz.

The event was supported by University of Split’s Rector, prof. Dragan Ljutić Ph.D., University of Gdansk Rector, prof. Piotr Stepnowski Ph.D. and University of Malta’s vice-rector for strategy and entrepreneurship, prof. Tanya Sammut-Bonnici Ph.D..

The most significant topics that marked the Alliance’s work in the last three years were presented: Oceanographic-research ship that sailed from Gdansk, via Kiel and Brest to Cadiz, cooperation with associated partners in projects and funding Ph.D. students, opportunities for summer research internships and joint mentorships for graduate papers, online programs Research Excellence and Marine Data Literacy that were created in the Alliance, etc. Activities created for the purpose of encouraging multilingualism were presented: several courses and Tandem initiatives, joint studies development activities, Centre for socially useful learning, volunteer activities, students’ work and role in the Alliance, the humanitarian race organized two years in a row, etc.

Two observatories operating within the Alliance were given special emphasis: the Observatory for Sustainable Blue Growth and the Observatory for Migrations and Human Rights. Finally, the projects resulting from the SEA-EU cooperation were presented, reREArchEU and SEA-EU DOC, as well as Alliance’s future and new partner universities that will join it in implementation’s next phase.

University of Split was presented by:

• Rector prof. Dragan Ljutić Ph.D.

• Prof. Leandra Vranješ Markić Ph.D., vice-rector and head of work package 5, co-mentoring and traineeship activities, as well as the Research Excellence program

• Snježana Veršić, Office for International Cooperation - presentation of how Erasmus works

• Roko Glavinović, student representative in the Alliance - presentation of students’ role

• Assoc. prof., Ivana Bilić Ph.D. – presentation of the SEA-EU Centre for Socially-Useful Learning

• Prof. Srećko Goić Ph.D., prof. Maja Fredotović Ph.D. and assoc. prof. Slađana Pavlinović Mršić Ph.D.– presentation of the SEA-EU Observatory for Sustainable Blue Growth

After the ceremony, a round table was held with representatives from other alliances on: "European University Alliances: Different approaches to a shared goal". In addition to SEA-EU, representatives of alliances UNICE, EU-CONEXUS, FILMEU and YUFE participated in the round table.