SEA-EU: research ship docked in Kiel

The research ship Oceanograf, made its first official mooring yesterday in Kiel. That completes the first stage of this project. In the following days, scientists will present their research into the Baltic Sea to the public.

As is always the case with research ships whose stories ignite our imagination, like the ones by Jacques Cousteau, the Oceanographer is also living a big adventure. At the mouth of Vistula, the weather was not kind to us. Strong winds and waves were hitting our bow, which delayed planned arrival by ten hours, - told us about the Oceanographer’s arrival in Kiel, its senior ship officer, Bartosz Drzewucki.

Scientists marked parts of the seabed that contain greenhouse gases. We took samples that we will analyze for methane, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide. Next, we will take samples from Spanish waters - says hydrographer Jakub Idczak Ph.D. Researching shallow gas accumulation is just one of three work packages planned on the cruise. Other two are air quality in European coastal areas and large-scale comparative studies of micro plastics diffusion.

Scientists and students from Christian Albrecht University of Kiel will briefly sail the Oceanographer today and tomorrow, the ship leaves Kiel and heads for Brest.

Let's just remind ourselves - joint research cruise within the SEA-EU 2022 Alliance was launched to promote Alliance's activities and to strengthen scientific cooperation between partner institutions. Research ship 'Oceanograf', owned by the University of Gdansk will go on cruise. Out of 17 research proposals, the consortium agreed on three projects to be implemented during the cruise from Gdańsk to Cadiz:

• accumulation of shallow gas in continental belt sediments - interdisciplinary approach,

• air quality in European coastal areas, and

• large-scale comparative studies of micro plastics in European coastal waters.

Source: SEA_EU