SPI Demo Day 2022 took place - finals of the Student Entrepreneurship Incubator’s Business Academy

First day of June meant the end of another edition of the "Student Business Academy", 6-month program of education and support for students and young people who were developing entrepreneurial projects, ran by Faculty of Economics’ Student Entrepreneurship Incubator in Split. In front of the expert jury, 6 teams presented projects they developed in various areas, including sea fishing, tourism, transport, green technologies and afforestation.

With interesting demonstrations, the following projects were presented:

SeaID - mobile and web app for identifying marine organisms, with the aim of preserving marine organisms and educating users.

Peasy - a platform that facilitates finding parking in crowded cities, and provides additional income to owners of parking spaces. Both parking spaces’ owners and users looking for them use the app.

Basaforca - production of liqueurs and brandies following local, traditional recipes with specific and unusual aromas.

Nerthus - web platform for afforestation mediation, connecting private, public and non-profit sectors in processes of afforestation and reducing CO2 emissions.

Evala - digital tourist guide, mobile app for creating unique tourist tours, including storytelling and avoiding crowds.

Burnum - reviving forgotten historical sites using innovative tools for interpreting cultural and historical heritage.

The expert jury evaluating quality of exhibited projects consisted of: Robert Bilić, owner of the graphic design agency Croativno, Pero Bolotin, director of OTP Bank’s business centre for Central Dalmatia, Tamara Ilić, owner of the co-working space The Works, Goran Pavlov, owner of IRI centre and Mirela Rubić, owner of Authentica travel agency.

Evala was declared the best project in terms of quality of presentation and business plan.

Applications for new generation of students will open with the start of the new academic year.