The action "University of Split’s Humanitarian Heart - Food for the Homeless in Split", organized for MoSt, continues for the fifth year in a row

The University of Split, in cooperation with the association MoSt, continued the action "University of Split’s Humanitarian Heart - food for the homeless in Split", which aims to donate food to the needy cared for by the association. With the Senate’s decision, made at its 36th session, for the fifth year in a row, all University of Split components joined this project providing that dinner be prepared once a week in restaurants of the Student Centre and brought to the users of MoST.

While in previous years the staff and students of the University of Split were actively involved in the distribution of food, this year this is not possible due to epidemiological reasons caused by the coronavirus pandemic. However, food will be delivered this academic year also, until July 30, 2021.

The action "Human Heart of the University of Split", with long-term continuity, generated other humanitarian actions by our students and professors and has so far proven to be an effective and noble way to point out specific problems that a small part of our fellow citizens faces.