The Science Festival in Split was officially opened, with almost 200 activities in the program

Rector of the University of Split prof. dr. sc. Dragan Ljutić officially opened the Split Science Festival 2022, an event aimed at bringing science closer to the public, informing it about activities and results in the field of science and art, improving public perception of scientists and motivating young people to research and acquire new knowledge.

Deputy Prefect for Split-Dalmatia County, Stipe Čogelja, University’s Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation, prof. Leandra Vranješ Markić Ph.D., and the Organizing Committee’s operative manager, Domagoja Buljan Barbača Ph.D., made Welcoming remarks. Also present at the opening were University of Split’s Vice-Rectors prof. Tomislav Kilić, Ph.D., Goran Kardum Ph.D., Đurđica Miletić Ph.D., assoc. prof. Željko Radić Ph.D., Head of Rector's Office Ivana Pletković, Secretary General Filip Klarić-Kukuz, Head of Department of Financial Operations and Accounting Jelena Hrga, Secretary Nataša Musap, members of Split’s Organizing Committee, other guests, University of Split’s professors and students, many primary and secondary school teachers and pupils.

The Science Festival takes place from May 2 to 7, and during those six days, more than 160 different activities will take place at various locations in the city of Split, at the Campus, at the Peristyle and Meje, but also in Sinj, Trilj, Muć, Ogorje, Imotski, Kaštela, Mosor, Omiš and even in Zadar. Almost 200 different Science Festival activities will take place, all of them free for citizens.

This year Festival's theme is "Life", and in addition to University components, museums, institutes, primary and secondary schools as well as numerous associations will also offer a truly diverse program.

- The very topic "Life" also represents life coming back to us after two years of the coronavirus pandemic, as well as life worth exploring in all its aspects, not only in medicine and natural sciences, but in also sociological aspects, humanities… In this way we provide insight to all those interested in what is being done at the University - said Rector Ljutić.

Vice-rector Vranješ Markić expressed her satisfaction that the Festival is open with numerous activities and a great turnout from pupils.

- "Life" was very inspiring for all our scientists, students and many others participating in this year Festival’s program. We approached the topic iin different ways, from the very concept - lives of people, also all other living beings on our planet, so I believe that everyone will be able to find an interesting activity for themselves – she said.

Operative Head of the Science Festival’s Organizing Committee, Domagoja Buljan Barbača Ph.D., stated that this year's Festival presents scientists’ achievements from different fields, for example investigating different life cycles, usually just in biology, at the Festival can also be done from the perspectve of social sciences.

Split Science Festival’s detailed program is attached below and don't forget University of Split’s YouTube channel, where you will find several activities in form of interesting videos: