The University of Split has successfully passed the HRS4R award renewal process

On 28th September, Virtual Assessment Visit was held at the University of Split with the purpose of Human Resources Excellence award renewal. The aforementioned audit was organized and coordinated with 30 employees of University of Split and its constitutents, each of whom was assigned a topic, relevant to their job expertise, to be disscused with evaluators during the audit.

Going beyond the renewal of HRS4R logo, crucial aim of the virtual visit was to provide evaluators with the insight into the scope and embeddedness level of the Code of Conduct for the Researchers principles, and OTM-R Policy at the University of Split. As an indisposable part of the audit, the thorough analysis of the improvement of research training opportunities, job security, working conditions and employment policy in general was conducted, concentrating on the last three-year period.

After the discussion with evaluators, The European Comission has issued a highly positive consensus report on the evaluation process, therefore, renewed University's right to use HRS4R logo in its official documents.  More precisely, according to the report, the University's efforts in implementing C&C principles were particulary recognized in the domains of gender equality, increasing autonomy, stimulating research environment and strong emphasis on the ethical aspects of research. The latter gives the whole topic more significance, since it recognized that the University of Split has managed to integrate Ethical and Professional Aspects with research quality.

The recruitment process established at the University has been described as transparent and inclusive, in a sense that there is an existing network of mechanisms covering each step of the recruitment process and involving various stakeholders. Moreover, researchers' development and training opportunities have been described as stimulating and beneficial, especially considering those on disposal for young researchers.

Finally, The University of Split was particularly applauded for its participation in SEA-EU aliance and continuous international engagement, while training opportunities, in particular Train the Trainer program for Upholding the principles and practices of the European Code of conduct for Research Integrity, and Centre for counselling as Support for researchers are regarded as examples of good practice that would be recomended to other organizations.