Transfer of occupancy in the building known as ‘Poljičanka’ to the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

On Thursday, December 17, University of Split Rector prof. Dragan Ljutić Ph.D. and the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Assoc. prof. Gloria Vickov Ph.D. held a ceremony to mark the handover of the Poljičanka building to her new sole occupants.

- The act by which the Rectorate leaves the remaining 40 percent of the building also refers to equipment and furniture that will now be used solely by the Faculty of Humanities. It is one of our most dynamic components launching new study programs, as the study of psychology next year. They also have many international cooperation agreements, the latest with Italy, Rome that is, Israel, Germany... We will best express our gratitude to all those who are doing a good job in this regard by providing them new premises to work on as successfully, for the benefit of all of us, our University and students - said Rector Ljutić, emphasizing that more adequate conditions for study will be also provided for students.

The Rectorate moved to empty premises of the University Library on Campus and is now operating on the address Ruđera Boškovića 31.

- We are sorry that there is a pandemic going around, so we cannot celebrate today's event properly, but this is, along with the very act of founding the Faculty of Humanities in the legal-formal sense, certainly its most important day. With this space, as an institution, we are gaining a new momentum, further and strong motivation to go on. We have been scattered on several addresses, but have achieved exceptional results in such difficult conditions. Now it only remains to be seen as even stronger, more compact as an institution, which will certainly be accompanied by new projects and new achievements, both in teaching and in scientific and professional terms - said Dean Vickov.