UniCompoST Classroom project launched - opportunity for education and acquiring skills in waste management, circular economy and sustainable development

From January 1 to December 31, 2022, the UniCompoST initiative and University of Split, Faculty of Chemistry and Technology’s Alumni Association will be implementing the project “UniCompoST Classroom,” funded by EU’s European Solidarity Force.

Target users are persons in the primary and secondary education system as well as educational institutions. The project is based on creating and implementing environmental informal learning for persons in the education system, and it includes a basic theoretical aspect that will be available on the e-learning platform and practical training on the field, or in schools. Focus is on waste management, methods of treating and recycling waste, the circular economy, producing organic fertilizer and indoor gardening. The scope of the project and concrete effects on project beneficiaries are in line with EU directives on waste management, the European Green Plan, the Circular Economy Package and UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Results we want to achieve implementing the project in target groups are:

1) to educate people on integrated waste management and waste recycling techniques

2) to increase awareness of the need for proper waste management

3) to encourage implementing the concept of the circular economy in users’ everyday life and activities

4) to encourage introduction of practical aspects of environmental education in educational institutions

Applications for educational institutions can be found on the UniCompoST Classrooms website, while applications for all other participants will be opened later.