University of Split formally promoting 200 Doctors of Science

The formal promotion of University of Split’s Ph.Ds. was held April 27, at the School of Medicine. This is the biggest promotion of a doctor of science University of Split had so far, where as many as 200 diplomas were presented. The ceremony was attended by University Vice-Rectors, members of the Senate and Rector’s advisors, as well as numerous guests. In their speeches, Stipe Čogelja, the Split-Dalmatia County Deputy Prefect, and Mario Negotić, City of Split’s Social Activities Department Head, congratulated the promoters on their great success.

Prof. Dragan Ljutić Ph.D., University of Split Rector gave a speech on the occasion and pointed out that such a large number of Ph.Ds shows our University’s strength.

- For the past two years, due to the coronavirus pandemic, we did not have the opportunity to promote doctors of science. Today we are gathered in large numbers, which shows what Split and its University mean not only to us in Croatia, but also Europe and the world! – he said.

The Rector expressed pride that the University of Split is recognized in world science, and hold a good position on the world rankings.

The musical part of the program included students of Split’s Art Academy, soprano Rahela Ujević, in the 4th year of solo singing, class of Terezija Kusanović, and Morana Ivezić, 3rd year student of piano in the class of Jadranka Garin.