University of Split made remarkable progress in the Times Higher Education Impact ranking

This year, a record 1,524 institutions from 110 countries took part in the ranking. For the first time, University of Split was ranked for all 17 sustainable development goals, and progress was made in 10 goals in which we were ranked last year.

Cooperation is crucial in achieving sustainable development goals, therefore we are especially pleased that we have achieved the biggest jump in Partnerships for the Goals, compared to previous year, and, out of 1438 institutions, were ranked 201st-300th place. According to number of points achieved, Good health and well-being (301st-400th place), Sustainable cities and communities (201st-300th place), Quality education (401st-600th place) and Decent work and economic growth (401st-600th place) follow. Our contributions to goals Preserving the aquatic world (201-300), Climate action (301-400) and Peace, justice and strong institutions (301-400) were taken into account, being in line with the orientation, mission and values ​​we share with our partners in the European University of the Seas Alliance.

Based on results in Partnership for the Goals and three additional goals with highest number of points, a global list was compiled, on which we rank between 401-600th place, representing an increase of 400 places and an incentive for progress in all segments of our work, education, research and development, community contribution and responsible business.

Sustainability is one of fundamental principles in the University Strategy, and taking part in this ranking allows us to keep monitoring social contribution, to compare and exchange practices with the best universities.

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