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Attendance at the exhibition "Dugiš, an island in the river of time" best demonstrates how much the University of Split offers the city and its citizens quality and interesting cultural program.

The exhibition was opened by University of Split's Rector, prof. Dragan Ljutić Ph.D., its authors are Damir Kliškić M.Sc., Archaeological Museum in Split's senior curator of the prehistoric collection, assoc. prof. art. Miona Miliša Ph.D., and assoc. prof. art. Mladen Čulić from the Academy of Arts in Split, authored the artwork.

Main goal of this exhibition is to present to Split and wider public a very specific and so far little-known form of prehistoric settlement, Sojenica settlement, with part of original material legacy from the Middle Bronze Age to the Late Iron Age - said head of University gallery, Helena Trze Jakelić in her introduction, thanking all participants for their excellent cooperation.

According to Damir Kliškić, from Split Archaeological Museum, findings on display were actually collected during an archaeological survey in 1956.

By chance, during works on Cetina embankment, certain archaeological materials were discovered in that location. The local population directed them to the small island Dugiš and there they had a lot to see. Later, research was conducted on an area of ​​110 square meters, depth of 3.5 meters, and collected materials, which weigh up to 3.5 tons, were stored in the Museum's prehistoric depot. What can be seen at the exhibition are actually representative specimens - Kliškić told the exhibition's visitors.

Two of our students had the opportunity to work on this material, in their graduation theses. What is valuable here is that our students in the Department of Conservation and Restoration have the privilege to work, in addition to original museum objects, with truly rare objects - said Miona Miliša, author of the exhibition and professor in our Art Academy.

Tonight's exhibition is another proof, as pointed out by Rector Ljutić, that Split has been living a real artistic and cultural life in recent years.

When we see how rich in archaeological sites this area of ​​ours is, we think it would be good to have a study of archaeology in our University, at postgraduate level - Rector said, once again congratulating everyone on the successful exhibition that will surely attract visitors to the University Gallery, that is, to University, because every university's ultimate goal is to live with its community.

The exhibition was realized with the financial support of Republic of Croatia's Ministry of Culture and Media, organized by University of Split's Gallery, and will remain open until May 1, 2023.

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