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Exhibition of works by students of the UMAS’ Sculpture Department, K.I.P.3, inaugurated at University Gallery, the heart of Campus


  • Cilj 11

The exhibition of works by students of UMAS' Sculpture Department, entitled K. I. P. 3, was officially opened on May 3, in the University Gallery, and it aims to promote quality sculpture work done at UMAS, as well as to bring artistic achievements and our students' contributions closer to the public. Judging by the audience's extremely high interest, both goals were fully achieved.

- Audience's presence makes this exhibition especially important, as it would not be anything without people. This example shows best that it is people who make art! – pointed out academic Kažimir Hraste, not hiding his happiness and satisfaction.

Students Petar Bosnić, Filip Glaurdić, Roko Jelača, Anamarija Kahrić, Klaudija Maleš, Pia Midžor, Magdalena Modrić, Roko Držislav Rebić, Ružica Rimac, Danijela Skokandić, Roko Tomić, Nikolina Veljačić and Lona Vesović exhibited their works, and Head of Sculpture Department, assoc. art. Đani Martinić, with assist. art Goran Balić Ph.D. and Duje Matetić MSc. art. authored the exhibition concept

Helena Trze Jakelić explained the motivation behind this exhibition concept, because K.I.P. – (meaning) "Sculpture exists after all" began in 2021 with an exhibition in which Academy of Arts' Sculpture Department professors exhibited alongside students.

At K.I.P.3 exhibition opening, Academy of Arts in Split's Music Department students gave an exceptional performance: Marijana Raboteg, 5th year violin, Marysia Bieleninik, 4th year viola, and Morana Ivezić, 4th year piano, mentored by Katja Repušić. They performed 1st and 3rd movement of the Trio for viola, violin and piano, by composer Aram Khachaturyan.

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