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Handing over of the donation check for funds collected by Split Faculty of Economics students, in the Christmas humanitarian campaign "Children for Children" for "Angels", association of parents to children with severe physical and developmental disabilities, took place on Faculty’s premises, on February 9, in presence of prof. Vinko Muštra Ph.D., Faculty of Economics’ dean, vice-dean prof. Smiljana Pivčević Ph.D.; Dijana Aničić and Anka Đikić from the Association and students participating in the action.

In the course " Manifestations Management", students of Tourism studies, under the mentorship of prof. Smiljana Pivčević Ph.D., can choose to, instead of creating a manifestation’s business plan, organize a humanitarian event. In this way, they apply theoretical knowledge to a real event, which, along with practical business experience, strengthens students' sense of social responsibility.
This time, they achieved excellent results and collected record € 7,922.22, which they handed over to representatives of "Angels" association.

Since 2010, when this way of working was first proposed, ten generations of students organized various events and activities; from humanitarian concerts, sports competitions, entertainment events to online auctions, pub quizzes, games with prize, and have so far collected and donated more than € 50,000 for children in need. 
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