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Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy’s first job fair, an important event connecting promising students with companies in our surrounding, took place on October 26 in Faculty's premises. Job Fair’s objectives are to enable students becoming familiar with range of activities of various companies working in construction, them making contact with potential employers, receiving guidelines for writing CVs, preparation for job interviews and getting advice on advancing in their careers, as well as making sure that young people just beginning their careers receive information about latest trends, technologies and innovations in construction. To the fact that they are on to something testifies the Fair’s very good attendance, after it was officially opened by Prof. Nikša Jajac Ph.D., Vice-rector for infrastructure, and assoc. prof. Neno Torić Ph.D.,  FGAG’s dean.

Krešimir Pauk, FGAG Student Union president, also expressed his satisfaction with this event, as it enables students’ first contact with future employers, as they can introduce themselves, give them CVs, and get involved in practical work, which is extremely important for professions in construction, architecture and geodesy.

Stage in the Faculty’s hall hosted three panel discussions on "Reality and expectations: Jobs in construction and architecture", "Star on the labor market: How much is a young engineer worth?" and "City, County and engineers: The role construction plays in developing City and County.

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