Sveučilište u Splitu podržava UN-ove ciljeve održivog razvoja
Formal celebration marked School of Medicine in Split’s 26th anniversary

The celebration took place on March 24 in the faculty's large amphitheatre.

Together with the dean, prof. Ante Tonkić Ph.D. and vice deans prof. Darko Modun Ph.D., prof. Ante Punda Ph.D., prof. Katarina Vukojević Ph.D., prof. Renata Pecotić Ph.D., assoc. prof. Joško Božić Ph.D., assoc. prof. Ivan Galić Ph.D., the ceremony was attended by many guests: City of Split's Mayor, prof. Ivica Puljak Ph.D., Head of Split-Dalmatia County's Administration for Health, Social Welfare and Demography, Diana Luetić, University of Split's Vice rector for Strategic Planning and Management, prof. Boris Maleš Ph.D., deans of other medical faculties, heads of university-industry cooperations, members of the Senate, numerous other distinguished guests and students.

Today, School of Medicine offers classes in four integrated undergraduate and graduate study programs: Medicine, Dental Medicine, Pharmacy (in cooperation with University of Split's Faculty of Chemistry and Technology) and Medicine in English. Since the School's independence, 1242 students have graduated study of medicine, 293 study of dental medicine, 212 study of pharmacy and 171 students study of medicine in English. Postgraduate teaching is performed as part of Doctoral (PhD) School in three doctoral studies Evidence-Based Medicine, Biology of Innovations and Translational Research in Biomedicine. Professional studies are performed in 12 specialist postgraduate study programs - dean Tonkić Ph.D. pointed out, adding that 374 scientists gained their PhDs at Split School of Medicine so far, and scientific-research work as well as innovations are carried out in six Centres and six Institutes that have a total of 26 laboratories and research groups. Currently, as Dean Tonkić said, 46 projects are being implemented at the School, 16 of them being European. Since its foundation, the School published 5,386 papers in WOS and 5,477 papers in SCOPUS. School of Medicine has an h-index of 158, 143,332 citations in WOS and 147,313 in SCOPUS.

Vice-rector Maleš also congratulated all employees and students on their anniversary, wishing them continued successful work.

The Faculty Day celebration was an opportunity to reward deserving individuals.

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