Sveučilište u Splitu podržava UN-ove ciljeve održivog razvoja
Formal promotion of masters of forensics at University Department of Forensic Sciences


  • Cilj 4

Seventh promotion of University Department of Forensic Sciences' masters of forensics took place May 18, in the Three Faculties Building's large Amphitheatre. At the ceremony, 112 masters of forensic science were awarded degrees they earned completing one of University of Split's Department of Forensic Sciences' graduate study of "Forensics" following five study modules: Crime Scene Investigation, Forensic Chemistry and Molecular Biology, Forensics and national securities, Financial and Accounting forensics and Management in firefighting and fire investigations.

Promoted students, their friends and relatives, as well as other guests, were addressed by prof. Nikša Jajac Ph.D., University of Split's Vice-rector for infrastructure, prof. Dragan Primorac, honorary head, and assoc. prof. Damir Piplica Ph.D., head of University Department of Forensic Sciences.

On this occasion, in addition to diplomas, new generation of masters of forensics were also awarded for best students in the previous two academic years.

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