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Formally signed Agreements on allocating non-tender funds obtained from University of Split student enrollment fees in ac. year 2022/2023


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Ceremonial signing of Agreements allocating non-tender funds obtained from student enrollment fees in the academic year 2022/2023. Amounting to EUR 247,215.00, took place on June 19 at University of Split Rector's office.

The contracts were signed by prof. Dragan Ljutić Ph.D., University of Split's Rector, Jerko Šarić, Student Union President and students responsible for project activities, and Vice-rector for Teaching, Students and Business, prof. Nikola Koceić-Bilan Ph.D. and Vice-rector for Science and Quality, prof. Igor Jerković Ph.D. also attended the ceremony.

We are dealing with funds totalling EUR 247,215.00, which, according to University of Split's Rulebook on Allocation of Funds from Enrollment Fees, have been allocated to finance 36 student projects in three areas: science and technology (13 projects), culture, art and university media (17) and sports (6). Sum of EUR 82,405.00 is provided for each.

- The students responsible for these projects are our University's pride. It is important that they feel a sense of belonging, as we want to provide full support to everyone who comes to study in Split, in the form of accommodation, quality food and similar - asserted Rector, expressing gratitude to all students for carrying out these project activities that enrich our University.

Jerko Šarić, Student Union president, said that all submitted projects received funds. He emphasized that the competition is an excellent opportunity to support all student associations that have been working hard at University for years, and have been recognized in this way not only by students and the Student Union, but also the University.


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