Sveučilište u Splitu podržava UN-ove ciljeve održivog razvoja
Get to know UniStart, student program for developing innovations in healthcare and awaken entrepreneurs in you


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Learn something about the "UniStart" program, which aims, in a new and innovative way, to intrigue students to step out of their comfort zone and initiate a better tomorrow! The program is organized by School of Medicine in Split, in cooperation with NetHub accelerator for technologies in healthcare. First year of implementing the program is a part of the project "Developing, improving and implementing traineeships at Split School of Medicine", under the leadership of Dean prof. Ante Tonkić Ph.D.

UniStart program is intended for all University of Split students who want to try out the world of entrepreneurship, but do not have defined entrepreneurial idea. Its novelty is that in order to meet, learn and create entrepreneurial ideas, students do not need to have an idea or a team, only will and desire to participate in the program and some free time.

First generation of students attended this two-month interdisciplinary program last year and that they were enthusiastic about its implementation is an understatement.

Martina Tomić (MEFST), member of the winning team, said: "I'm glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone and embarked on this adventure. I was introduced to a completely new way of thinking. Considering the fact that I am a medical student, I loved hearing how my team colleagues thought about technology and economy. This was a great experience, I gained new knowledge, new friends from other faculties, and I definitely recommend students to apply for this program".

Here's what one member of the expert jury, entrepreneur Ena Melvan (MetaBelly), says: "In these kinds of programs, students get practical knowledge, a better insight into how the market and business work, while they get much more theory than practice at faculties." So, if you have spirit, will and desire for entrepreneurship, I definitely recommend this program."

We soon expect to relaunch the UniStart program, with the aim of developing innovations in healthcare.


Photo: NetHub

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