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Innovative project METAVERSEMed and its application in medicine


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The innovative project METAVERSEMed and its application in medicine were presented on May 4 at School of Medicine, in the presence of University of Split's rector, prof. Dragan Ljutić Ph.D., Vice-rector for international cooperation and cooperation with the local community, prof. Zoran Đogaš Ph.D., School of Medicine's dean, prof. Ante Tonkić Ph.D., vice dean, prof. Renata Pecotić Ph.D., prof. Katarina Vukojević Ph.D. and numerous other guests.

Author of this project and VanityX platform, assoc. prof. Ivan Zoraja Ph.D., from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Shipbuilding in Split, owner and founder of "Zoraja Consulting", presented the METAVERSEMed project. He pointed out that this project is done in cooperation with the Special Hospital "Radiochirurgia Zagreb", whose director prof. Dragan Schwarz MD, Ph.D., general surgeon, subspecialized in digestive and oncological surgery, spoke via video link and talked about medical aspects of its application.

The HoloLens device projects an image directly into the cornea of ​​the person who is wearing it, so that it sees both the patient and his organs transformed into holograms.

- METAVERSEMed project was created on the VanityX platform, technology that enables mixing different realities and can be applied in different areas. It is a 3D platform, that serves to obtain images from numbers, it is a software solution that communicates with devices, for example with a magnet or CT – prof. Zoraja said, pointing out that FESB students, in his subject, 3D simulations, can practice on one version of this platform, called VanityXS.

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