Sveučilište u Splitu podržava UN-ove ciljeve održivog razvoja
KTF Split organized the 25th international scientific and sports competition Tehnologijada 2023.


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This year, Split's Faculty of Chemistry and Technology (KTF) organized the 25th jubilee international scientific and sports competition, Tehnologijada 2023, which took place April 24-30 at Medena Hotel.

President of the Head Organizing Committee, Patricia Ćutuk, KTF student, said that about 550 students participated in this year's Technologijada, coming, in addition to Split's KTF, from seven other faculties in Croatia and Slovenia: Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology Zagreb, Faculty of Food the Faculty of Biotechnology Zagreb, Faculty of Food Technology Osijek, Faculty of Metallurgy Sisak, Faculty of Textile Technology Zagreb, Faculty of Graphic arts Zagreb and Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology Ljubljana (Slovenia).

- Tehnologijada's goal is to connect students with sports, science competitions and socializing. It gives participating students an opportunity to meet colleagues, exchange experiences and raise awareness of the profession's importance. Contacts and acquaintances acquired there are an important foundation for successful future professional collaborations and the time spent with students from all technological faculties in Croatia is considered the competition's most important part - Patricia Ćutuk said.

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