Sveučilište u Splitu podržava UN-ove ciljeve održivog razvoja
Milo Sakač's solo exhibition


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Last night, so far Milo Sakač's biggest exhibition in Croatia, "I šta drugo... / & What Else" was opened in Split's University Gallery. This is a big exhibition for several reasons: large formats, a wide range of his work is exhibited, from 2017 to 2023, and Branko Franceschi, director of the National Museum of Modern Arts, accompanying this exhibition in Split, is a great curator!

The exhibition is set up on the Gallery's two floors in such a way that Sakač's recent work, covering the entire ground floor, contrasts a selection of paintings from earlier cycles exhibited upstairs.

- We recognize Sakač as continuing that tendency in Croatian abstract painting based on expressive fast gesture, on passion for elementary painting material, ranging from azure seepage to relief accumulations of paint, and dull colour scheme. He mainly paints with acrylics on canvas, ranging from medium to large formats, develops them from pure artistic impression and, although he does not deal with narrative, his compositions pure artistic events easily attract and occupy observers' attention - Franceschi explained in the introduction, continuing:

Art is primarily meant to be available, for you to have it at home, and when something like that happens, it is the greatest compliment to the artist. Figurative painting becomes tiresome after a while because of its narrative nature. And with abstract art, it becomes an infinite potenctial. I want Milo Sakač to continue to enjoy infinity and regularly produce it for us, because without this interaction there is no art - Branko Franceschi concluded.

Visibly overwhelmed, Milo Sakač thanked the three women without whom this wonderful exhibition and great event would not have happened: prof. Đurđica Miletić Ph.D., who had the initial idea for this project, Helena Trze Jakelić, head of University Gallery, who, according to the author, developed the idea to perfection, and certainly his wife Iva:

• They say that what I do is called abstract expressionism, and 1950s New York painters are my role models. I am developing my own story, my own language that is recognizable to people who follow my work. I work expressively, listening to house music. I dance and paint. I moved away from architecture, from the real sector, because it stopped being romantic, it stopped being creative. I have done different things in my life and Dražen Ilinčić told me the other day that I am a Renaissance man - the author says with a smile.

University of Split's Vice-rector, prof. Igor Jerković Ph.D., greeted everyone who was present on behalf of University's Rector, prof. Dragan Ljutić Ph.D., and announced Art Academy's relocation to new premises in Teslina Street, which will solve the long-standing problem of that study's dislocation.

• This exhibition, among other things, contributes to University of Split's high ranking, regarding UN's sustainable development goals, which call for openness towards citizens, free access to art and for universities to initiate and carry out such ideas. This exhibition is a small contribution to our ranking, which is important both for attracting students and for our better international position - prof. Igor Jerković Ph.D. concluded, declaring the exhibition open, delighting numerous visitors.

The exhibition can be viewed until April 3, 2023.

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