Exhibition "VJEKOSLAV IVANIŠEVIĆ - ARCHITECT" opened on a beautiful night in Split

The exhibition VJEKO IVANIŠEVIĆ - ARCHITECT was opened last night in a festive atmosphere, full of love, respect and memories. On the Gallery’s two floors there is a carefully designed exhibition of our great architect’s works, as well as a monograph collecting his entire architectural work, thanks to Ivanišević’ daughter, architect Petra Ivanišević Brzulja, and her associates. The exhibition presents the life work of the late Split architect Vjekoslav Ivanišević (1947 - 2018), which includes 43 realized projects and numerous awards.

On behalf of Society of Architects, its president Daša Gazde addressed the audience, saying that drafts in the book show architect's love for every house and design, while the love his friend had for him is evident in introductions they wrote.

Academic Dinko Kovačić, Vjeko Ivanišević’ long-time friend and associate, recalled meeting him for the first time in the 1960s when he was a young student in front of the Lavčević building, at 7 am, while sketching old Varoš sights. They became colleagues few years later.

Author of the monograph, Petra Ivanišević Brzulj, daughter of the late Ivanišević and architect herself, was overwhelmed with emotions as she, with the support of her family and associates, fulfilled her father's wishes with this book.

I wanted the book to have as much of you as possible, of your drawings, quotes and texts. I tried to emphasise what you loved the most, that is architecture in all its beauty and purity. Your architecture is art – she said.

University of Split Rector, Dragan Ljutić, greeted the audience congratulating authors, family and collaborators for this exhibition, unexpectedly inviting Matko Marušić, Vjeko's great friend, to join him in opening the exhibition together, which they did.

In the musical part of the opening, great String Quartet "Bozzotti" performed, with the late architect’s three favorite songs: one from 'Il postino', Kind of magic by Queen, and a Wonderful Night in Split by Ivo Tijardović.

Author: Helena Trze Jakelić