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Project and art competition


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University of Split and the Split-Dalmatia County's project "Window to art world" (Historical and cultural heritage of the Split-Dalmatia County) of the, which will include an art competition, was presented on March 21 at the University Gallery.

Vice-rector Nikola Koceić-Bilan said - My heart always fills with joy when University participates in socially useful projects, such as this one intended for children or pupils and students. As University's presence and high scientific ranking is extremely important, it is equally important that we have a socially relevant role - upbringing and educating children, preserving our cultural heritage and popularizing arts or works of art.

Helena Trze Jakelić stressed that this is an excellent opportunity for all pupils and students who can express themselves creatively in fine arts, also exploring the value and wealth of Split-Dalmatia County's heritage in their work. That is to say, all elementary school Split-Dalmatia County students, fifth to eighth grade, those from high schools in our county and all University of Split's students, as well as those residing in the County, can participate in the competition.

Stipe Čogelja looked back to excellent cooperation between University of Split and Split-Dalmatia County, also reflected in this project. He emphasized that knowledge is our comparative advantage in the global labour market, and initiatives like this are an opportunity for young people to express their love for heritage and, if they leave Croatia, can return rich with new experiences.

County's Department head Tomislav Đonlić said that this is a great opportunity to express children's creativity and, in this way, all schools have the opportunity to present good and positive things done and taught in them. He suggested all schools should respond to this call and send works. He asserted that best works will be rewarded financially and their authors could be presented to public on University's Day in June, when awards and recognition will be presented.

Željko Primorac concluded - Our goal is to bring the art competition to younger generations, that is, find future artists in schools and faculties, enable their public appearance at such a representative place as University Gallery, together with presentations in catalogues, and provide art reviews as incentive to future work.

The competition will be announced April 3, 2023, and all works must be delivered by May 3, 2023, in person or by mail to the address: University of Split, Ruđera Boškovića 31, Split with a note "for Art competition - Window to art world 2023".

Competition coordinators will send a letter with detailed instructions for preparing each level of the competition to all registered primary and secondary schools as well as mentors, while students apply on their own.

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