Sveučilište u Splitu podržava UN-ove ciljeve održivog razvoja
Promotion of first-generation cadets of Military Naval Studies Photo Gallery
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The formal promotion of 16th generation of cadets in the integrated undergraduate and graduate university Military Naval Studies took place on February 16, 2024, at the "General Major Ivo Jelić" House of Croatian Army in Split.

University of Split diplomas were awarded to 30 participants in graduate and undergraduate Military Naval Studies, including four female and two foreign students from Montenegro. On that occasion, representative of the President of Croatian Parliament and its Vice-President, Ante Sanader, congratulated all the participants of the Military Naval Studies on completing their academic education, saying that they showed responsibility, knowledge and skills that Croatian soldiers had in the Homeland War and how ​​they must not forget those values during their further training and work in the Croatian Army.

"We are witnessing a time in which knowledge represents power, power that moves the world. I am sure that those of you who have acquired academic knowledge, especially the best ones, will be the drivers of the Croatian Army to make it better and more successful," said General Jurković.

University of Split Rector, prof. Dragan Ljutić Ph.D. said that without the Croatian Army, there would not be the initiation of military study programs nor the cooperation between University of Split and Croatian Army, as well as these successful young people who, by completing the first step in their education, showed that qualities such as perseverance and mastering skills they always get rewarded.

Let's remind you that the university Military Naval Studies were developed in cooperation between Republic of Croatia’s Armed Forces and University of Split, and after completing this study, there are jobs awaiting for these bachelors in Croatian Armed Forces, where they will first post as officers.
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